Take advantage of our vast heritage in the investment-banking industry. Our management has experienced firsthand the ebb-and-flow of the global economy over three decades. Some of our client initiatives are narrow and defined; others require a corps of experts. We excel at assignments that are non-traditional in scope. Our project-planning process is transparent to ensure that we adhere to your budget standards. Because we only work with a select group of institutions at any given time, we will not assign your essential project to a secondary relationship manager.

In India, the floors of Agra Fort are embellished with marble inlay

Due Diligence

Home-market bias discolors international deals for investors and enterprises. Yet the profit on those commitments over time can be generous enough to justify intensive evaluation. Our arms-length research

Topkapi Palace was the nerve center of the Ottoman Empire

Islamic Wealth

We correlate many of our business activities to Islamic finance, with outposts across the Muslim world. Our extensive skill set frames a gateway to unexpected capital sources. Clients benefit from our deep roots

Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain embodies the idea of wealth

Private Placement

Raising capital may be the hardest part of expanding a business. Project sponsors often assume that qualified investors will transact based on awareness of anticipated return. In practice, nurturing a cash

Art glass has many expressions

Company Valuation

We use our heritage as a lever to provide realistic, defensible guidance on private-market transactions. What is your enterprise actually worth? The question matters to buyers and sellers; the metrics are