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What is your enterprise actually worth? The question matters to buyers and sellers. Yet the metrics are imperfect. Do you value a firm based on ratio analysis or asset-replacement value? How should you qualify intangible assets? Is there a premium or discount demanded by the macroeconomic setting? We can help answer these questions; we are skilled at providing realistic guidance on private-company transactions. Our work complements that by established accounting firms, keeping project costs under control.

► Going-Concern Appraisal

Our heritage in public securities markets provides us with a basis for determining realistic price guidance on private-company transactions. We look beyond heuristics to better understand the microeconomy of your company. We draw on our professional network to ensure that illiquid or intangible assets are vetted and positioned appropriately.

Case Study: Setting Valuation Range to Steer Negotiation

► Competitive Analysis

Why guess what competitors are doing? Understanding your revenue stream in an industry context can enhance capital-raising campaigns or merger negotiations. Our analysts are prepared to provide original insight on your market position. You can focus on your ongoing responsibilities, while we conduct field interviews and comb through social-media channels.

► Cross-Border Valuation

Our work is more than a bolt-on to traditional analysis. Complex issues include foreign-exchange, regulatory, and political risk, often in an environment where comparables are thin or non-existent. Our project design covers on-the-ground assessment of industry trends to avoid external bias. We can operate anonymously to manage valuation expectations.

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