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Raising capital may be the hardest part of expanding a business. Project sponsors often assume that qualified investors will transact based on awareness of anticipated return. In practice, nurturing a cash allocation can take months, ensuring the best long-term outcome for both parties. Our goal is to compact the deal-commitment process. We position deals so that they align with market trends and resonate with investor preferences. As appropriate, we engage a global network of local intermediaries to ensure regulatory rigor.

► Investor Introduction

We manage an extensive, proprietary network of qualified investors worldwide. Those names are often highly focused in their scope of activity. Our resources can be aligned to introduce your transaction to risk-appropriate names, subject to our internal due diligence. We work closely with you to ensure the best possible investor-engagement framework.

Book a consultation. We offer a tailored version of our expertise. This approach aims to position early-stage businesses more effectively with prospective investors. The comprehensive, all-in-one fee includes a full project review, teleconference, and written follow-up recommendations.

Emerging markets are now a key source of liquidity for those seeking capital. Want to fund a project? You may be better off looking for investors in Kuwait or Kuala Lumpur.

► Roadshow Design

During the deal-awareness stage, you may find it worthwhile to meet directly with interested parties in target jurisdictions. You can rely on our deep array of professional relationships to facilitate relevant introductions. We aim to ensure appropriate take-off for your commercial ambitions beyond your own borders.

► Investor Profiling

Not all investors are the same. We are able to develop and qualify a target list of priority investors to ensure that your business-development goals are met in a streamlined manner. When looking to identify private capital, there may be added investor requirements that need to be explored to meet the needs of your unique transaction.

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