Art glass has many expressions

Do you need added talent to structure your business? We know the pulse of angel investors and venture capitalists worldwide. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how profit and cash flow drive an enterprise. Our efforts include profiling funding alternatives and formulating capital-raising campaigns. Or we offer early-stage advice in calibrating an investible business, rather than merely shaping a startup idea. Our knowhow includes originating due-diligence material that meets exacting investor standards.

► Startup Consulting

Those in control of risk capital allocate to businesses, not ideas. We work with early-stage entrepreneurs to create traction with angel investors and venture capitalists. We can re-develop business plans, dissect marketing material, and assemble a capital-raising strategy. At times, we may advocate using sales to fuel growth organically.

Book a consultation. We offer a tailored version of our expertise. This approach aims to position early-stage businesses more effectively with prospective investors. The comprehensive, all-in-one fee includes a full project review, about an hour of web-based video discussion, and written follow-up recommendations.

While Western investors fuss over the distinction between those companies seeking angel capital and growth capital, most of the world is simply looking for great deal flow.

► Strategic Communications

We partner with investment experts to help them communicate their portfolio-management skills to qualified investors. Our firm can deliver on narrow assignments, including content development and pitch-book criticism. We can help you leverage social media, potentially identifying supplemental capital.

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