Setting Apart Private Bank in Me-Too Industry Segment

Financial advisors explain market trends to client

A major wealth-management organization in the Middle East asked us to develop a content-rich investment-strategy publication to support their advisors in capturing a larger share of client wealth. By providing an allocation context for sales efforts, this publication could distinguish the firm from others serving high-net-worth individuals in an intensely competitive region. The goal was to provide an analytic framework for product sales, rather than have the advisors resort to third-party material.

Solution. We conceived, designed, and wrote a 70-page quarterly publication for client distribution. Unlike typical global reports, often distributed by major Western firms in the Gulf, our material was prepared to look “inside out” from the local perspective. We assumed that investor-clients were comfortable with their own emerging-market opportunities; we used this context to discuss country and sector ideas worldwide.

Summary Points

Follow-Through. The publication provided the firm’s wealth-management advisors with a meaningful tool for cultivating high-net-worth prospects. The report was among the first to construct a global investment strategy from the perspective of a GCC investor, considering more than 20 markets on a level playing field. We also produced an executive summary for broad corporate and retail distribution; we engaged private-banking clients with our findings.

Note: This work was completed by our principal at a now-dormant firm. The featured image depicts electronic media; our work was largely print-based, but also included training and education components.

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