In Colombia, Coal Is New-Found Priority

The war in Ukraine has jolted Colombia, at least economically. We are struck by news that Bogota is trying to accelerate coal output, as well as identify mining surpluses, to fill at-hand and oversized shortfalls in Europe, including Ukraine. Colombia is one of the world’s top-ten producers of coal. In recent years, the industry there

Economic Turmoil Aggravated by Failed Remittances

Florida is an epicenter of outbound remittances for the Caribbean Basin, large portions of which have now evaporated because of the collapse in the state economy. A challenge is the scope and reach of the informal sector. Undocumented workers are not eligible for state unemployment benefits or federal stimulus checks. As a result, relatives

US Hoteliers Play Waiting Game in Cuba

A case can be made that the dearth of activity by US hotel companies in Cuba is opening doors for other, non-US organizations. Spain-based Melia, for instance, now operates some 30 properties across the island; they may be looking to expand. But the real question is why any hotelier, regardless of their home flag, would bother

Venezuela Narrows Caribbean Opportunity Set

Residents of the Bahamas and Cayman Islands may be quick to point out that the Venezuelan crisis is a distant concern, but the impact on the overall region may be menacing. These myriad islands are poorly-suited to absorb a major shock at a time when many economies are still suffering from the recovery costs of recent hurricanes, the retrenchment

Sports Venues Suffer From Mall Disease

The American mall is not the only part of discretionary consumer economy on the wane. There is a quiet rumbling among owners and operators of sports venues—stadiums, arenas, and the like—that their attendance figures are in secular decline. Football and baseball teams themselves may not care. In most cases, they make money

Caribbean Passport Programs Hit Speed Bump

Many nations have citizenship-by-investment policies to entice deep pockets, but Caribbean nations have been under fire for their relatively low hurdles. The tiny island of Dominica, for example, offers its passport to globetrotters for $100,000. While these policies have been a cash drop for smaller economies, Western governments