Due Diligence

Home-market bias discolors international deals for investors and enterprises. Yet the profit on those commitments over time can be generous enough to justify intensive evaluation. Our arms-length research expertise ensures that designated transactions are transparent and risk-appropriate for our clients. We maneuver nimbly across borderless markets to evaluate opportunities on-site. Or we apply our analytical rigor to supplement information delivered by local-market service providers.

Deal Assessment

Every transaction, whether financial or commercial in scope, should be vetted meticulously by an arms-length expert, not just legal counsel. We help to ensure that there are no surprises after your deal is done. Our inquiry process targets finance, sales and marketing, regulatory, and governance issues. Infrastructure deals, in particular, often demand multi-faceted review.

For those seeking capital, such as hedge funds and venture-capital firms, we author disclosure documentation suitable for exacting review by qualified investors. Our proprietary approach ensures your investment-management story is conveyed with precision and relevance to sustain institutional interest. We have dexterity across asset classes, including commercial property, cryptocurrencies, and convertible bonds.

Directed Research

Our in-house analysts interpret portfolio and direct-investment opportunities, whether in mature economies or off-the-track geographies. We work quickly, providing an at-hand dossier or developing a broader, investigative report. In some cases, we can originate material for you to use under your own brand in sponsored settings.

Asset Recovery

We oversee project teams to trace financial or real assets that have been lost through business circumstances or personal milestones. Our international partners include local law firms, often used more economically than established global counsel. We complement their findings with our own independent scrutiny to expedite the resolution of cross-border claims.

Doing Business With Cranganore

Our rich heritage in cross-border activity distills into high-value outcomes for our clients. We apply the same creative force to large assignments and small projects.

Select the Better Alternative

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