Venture Development

We know the startup ecosystem from the inside out. Our ingenuity aligns with the strict standards demanded by angel investors and and venture capitalists. Suffice it to say that the allure of ideas is not a substitute for profit and cash flow. You benefit directly from our in-the-trenches experience. We may herald successes, but our style is also an outgrowth of disappointments. Among our capabilities, we will critique your mission-ready status, originate due-diligence material, or implement a capital-raising campaign.

Hire wisely. We offer a customized, one-off version of our expertise. This packaged service aims to position early-stage businesses more effectively with prospective investors. The comprehensive fee includes specific deliverables completed in a fixed period of time.

Startup Consulting

Those in control of risk capital allocate to businesses, not commercial concepts. We work with early-stage entrepreneurs to create traction with those who fund fast-evolving companies. We can develop—or re-develop—business plans, dissect marketing material, and assemble a capital-raising strategy. Despite conventional wisdom, we may advocate using sales to fuel growth organically or recommend restraint in the volume of capital to be raised.

While Western investors fuss over the distinction between those companies seeking angel capital and growth capital, most of the world is simply looking for great deal flow.

Deal Documentation

Managing your business is a different skill than conveying your capital requirements to qualified investors. Our heritage in the investment-banking industry empowers us to develop written information about your transaction that is suited for external audiences. Among our technical skills are research-related publications, valuation summaries, and investor-response questionnaires. We keep our eye on the end-game so that your deal documentation aligns with your corporate-finance objectives.

Growth Capital

Pitching to investors is performance art. For more than two decades, we have engaged family offices and sovereign wealth funds, among other qualified names. We can design the rhythm and tone of your investor-approach strategy. Our work often starts with capital-source profiling and then escalates to investor introduction. For some businesses, we can identify access points to debt capital that may suit your near-term needs, while we pinpoint strategic equity partners.

Doing Business With Cranganore

Our rich heritage in cross-border activity distills into high-value outcomes for our clients. We apply the same creative force to large assignments and small projects.

Select the Better Alternative

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