Project Gallery

Our extreme focus on clients’ success means that we only work on a limited portfolio of projects at any given time. For context, we feature those institutional links that have an external, business-to-business profile. We avoid the allure of scaling workflow in favor of bespoke commitments. We may now be in active discussion with qualified names on these transactions.

Framing New Era for Family-Office Portfolios

We are now working with Cayman Islands-based Plotinus Asset Management to build a foundation for their future growth. Like most investment specialists in the artificial-intelligence field, Plotinus is a young firm,

Sourcing Equity Capital for Franchise Business

Our efforts in the hospitality sector extend to restaurant finance. We are now working with NYC Brands, a Delaware-incorporated developer of fast-service franchises. Its early-stage priorities center…

Building Connectivity Among Island Economies

Our efforts extend to the Caribbean where our ability to embrace fresh opportunities circumnavigates traditional investment-banking firms. In a region where most cross-border allocations target…

Channeling Risk-Tolerant Names to Film Finance

Our relationship with Los Angeles-based Starlite USA is centered on identifying global sources of capital for feature movie production. While film finance is traditionally a high-risk proposition, we focus on projects…