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Investors are enamored by cybersecurity startups

Cybersecurity is the unfortunate growth industry. Black hats ply their trade in a never-ending array of data breeches, denial-of-service attacks, and ransomware demands. Large companies used to be the primary target of threats by lone hackers or isolated groups. We now see state actors try to disrupt national commerce and political campaigns. Motives center on financial gain and espionage, rather than digital mischief.

Black Hat Cauldron curates trends in the cybersecurity industry. We center on the commercial evolution of the sector, rather than defensive strategies for vulnerable businesses. We are drawn to international developments by our heritage in global markets. Our goal is to provide informed context for senior executives, rather than decryption advice for technical experts.

The key to success in the cybersecurity industry may be a better understanding of behavioral issues and how they impact information security. The most vulnerable component of any network system, after all, may be the administrator with a password. Psychological aspects of the cybersecurity discipline often take a back seat to ever-expansive technology, in part because of dominant role of reactive computer applications and the perceived benefits of artificial intelligence.

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