We guide executives on how to exploit trends across the developing world. Our often-unconventional perspective is based on decades of work outside the major money centers. What was once regarded as distant and exotic is now viewed as common. As the West benefits from capital sourced in these nations, distinctions blur between major and emerging markets.

Those investors based in London, New York, and Tokyo may have a pejorative view of emerging markets. We dispel that notion. We learned during the credit crisis, for instance, that there is a benefit to running the sort of conservative financial systems that we see in many evolving nations. Market specialists working in Johannesburg, Dubai, or Taipei may affirm their own local investment opportunities as offering prudent, rather than high risk.

Wealth is no longer the exclusive preserve of the largest economies; wealth is evident worldwide, often in unexpected places. Yet active investors in emerging markets understand the need for diversification and research. Allocators who neglect these disciplines hazard their portfolio and direct-investment commitments.

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