Doing Business Here

As a capital-stack and asset-management service provider, Cranganore easily differentiates itself in a highly-fragmented, if not ill-defined, industry. We want to talk with you this week.

We Center on Strategy

Our managing director has spent decades working in the investment-management industry. Those forward-looking skills set the pace and tone of our corporate agenda.

We seek alignment. The work at Cranganore always coalesces with industry trends and market cycles. That helps ensure the most constructive outcome for our clients. Among other points, we monitor foreign-exchange developments, equity-market sentiment, and government policies to backstop our project commitments. Our workday starts by forming economic opinions.

We prioritize other voices. We know the pulse of business worldwide because of the time and energy we spend listening to executives and analysts. A family office in Australia or Brazil, for instance, may provide better insight on commodity trends than a feature article in the financial press. In our discussions, we offer our market outlook in exchange for their firsthand insight.

We Offer Fresh Perspective

Our professional heritage has criss-crossed the world. That global experience is the foundation for our distinctive approach to client projects.

We embrace the unconventional. Our forte is working on assignments that are unusual in scope, whether in risk-prone industries or the developing world. We were once successful, for instance, in identifying assets for an offshore Sri Lankan equity fund during the nation’s civil war. In our experience, non-traditional can also mean advantageous for project stakeholders.

We are generalist bankers. Cranganore operates in an industry where many players define others through their own lens, begging narrow questions about specialization. Our work veers in the other direction; we use broad-based skills to inform project outcomes. Generic solutions seldom work for innovative clients, as demonstrated by our efforts with cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

We Deliver Value-for-Dollar

Our firm works with a select portfolio of clients on a concerted basis. That commitment can translate into a clearly-defined project carve out; it may mean operating more fluidly with senior executives.

We believe in sharing risk. Cranganore allocates specific resources to its clients; we ask that they recognize our focus on their needs. We do not offer our skills speculatively, extending credit in support of others’ commercial interests. In a collaborative style, however, many of our arrangements center on final-outcome payments, with interim fees set to cover baseline overhead.

We offer flexible fee structures. We work closely with our clients to align project milestones with their cash-flow abilities. We can move forward on a staged or variable payment schedule. In some circumstances, we can take partial compensation in the form of unencumbered equity or other bartered alternatives. We want to deliver world-class performance, not fuss about invoice payments.

We Validate Our Reach

Our company is more than a whimsical consulting group. Our efforts are collateralized against decades of relationship activity. In wealth circles, we are known for our incisive opinions.

We speak many languages. At Cranganore, our culture is deeply rooted in the American spirit, but we complement that foundation with on-the-ground experience on six continents. Executives in our distributed workforce are often based in new-era money centers, including Dubai and Shanghai. They provide texture to our activities. Since our earliest days, we have tilted toward cultural diversity.

We write for qualified investors. The content that defines our public persona is based on the concerns and curiosities of longstanding relationships globally. Our ties to many of those names span a generation of economic milestones. We like to think of ourselves as a potent, but prudential voice in the mix of market makers, a result of advising industrialists and entrepreneurs with independent boldness.

We Provide Clarity

Our execution standards are more than a randomized assortment of component tasks. While we operate independently, we are as accessible as possible in communicating our work process.

We set a workplan for every job. At Cranganore, we help our clients to understand timing and completion issues, suggesting revised steps when intermediate findings spotlight the unexpected. A company valuation project, for instance, was once suspended, while we restructured the real-estate portfolio. Large projects often have a dedicated manager.

We do not harvest cash from clients. Our activities are transparent to ensure that we adhere to your budget standards. We eschew so-called Hollywood accounting in favor of informed expense disclosure. Business agreements define limits on discretionary expenses, to the extent that those outlays exist at all. Our invoices are routine, not surprise-laden.

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