Why Are Business Email Compromise Schemes So Prolific?

Interpol and Nigerian Federal Police recently arrested 11 cyberthieves, undermining one of the largest business email compromise networks in the world. SilverTerrier is known to have attacked thousands of companies globally, reeling in countless millions of dollars through email fraud. A public announcement of the operation was made in mid-January.

In Food Tech, Barriers-to-Entry Impact Valuations

Chile-based NotMilk may be alluring to investors because of its plant-based product traits and its de facto celebrity endorsement by Jeff Bezos. Not all food-tech companies are so fortunate. The key to capturing investor capital may be found in answering a basic question: Among potential competitors, what are the barriers-to-entry?

Cybersecurity Thrives on Back of Artificial Intelligence

The Pentagon should know that opacity breeds criticism. Yet it has been largely mute on the artificial-intelligence initiative that it rolled out in mid-2018, hiding behind a “classified” veil. That changed last week when the Defense Department released a public version of its strategy. The 17-page document is short on detail;