Muslim-Owned Grocery Store in Tucson Is Destination for Kosher

Tucson, Arizona is a city with a population of about 550,000, perhaps best known as home for the University of Arizona. It is also home to Al Basha Grocery, a small provisions store that caters to local Muslims. There are—possibly—some 9,000-to-10,000 Muslims in the greater Tucson area.

Indian Company Tests Interfaith Message

Finding a fresh perspective for a luxury jewelry brand is tough going in India, given the highly competitive nature of this wear-your-wealth business. Despite its best efforts, Tanishq may have been too edgy in launching its Ekvatam line of premium baubles. A recent misstep suggests that India may not be ready for mainstreaming Hindu-Muslim marriage.

Does the ‘Year of the Pig’ Tread on Muslims?

China and its diaspora are abuzz this month with festivities tied to the Lunar New Year, celebrating the last animal in the zodiac, the pig. And while that may not spark much controversy in many countries, it does at least raise an eyebrow acroww the Islamic world. Swine are identified as “haram” or “forbidden” in the Quran.

Bikinis Deflected From Indonesian Airspace

Vietnam-based Vietjet is no ordinary airline. It has carved out consumer awareness of its brand by featuring bikini-clad flight attendants. The gimmick has worked for its female founder; Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao became a billionaire after the airline’s initial public offering in February. But minimalist uniforms are not export-friendly,