India Is a Venture-Capital Market in Transition

In financial lore, IPOs are supposed to be a risk-free investment, especially in India. Strong stock-market momentum after the Covid-induced collapse of early 2020 attracted fresh institutional interest. Many of India’s startup jewels are replicas, up to a point, of successful tech companies elsewhere. The Indian heritage of using frugality to overcome

Houston Mega-Project Spotlights Local Incubator

Rice University affirmed plans for its Midtown Houston property last month. The parcel—historically leased to a Sears store—will be converted into a so-called “innovation hub,” anchoring a technology district. While the future is bright for regional entrepreneurs, the masterplan for this corner of the city now looks more like

Let’s Do Crypto. Or Blockchain. Or Both.

Kodak declared this week that it was getting into the cryptocurrency and blockchain business. The announcement was thin on details and big on splash, suggesting that the investor relations staff was far ahead of the corporate strategy team. The move is a daring one for the Rochester, New York-based company. Its total miss