Why Global Travel Will Not Recover Anytime Soon

Investors may want to rethink their outlook for the hospitality industry. Rather than a not-to-be-missed recovery story for the cycle ahead, we see prospects as riddled with caveats and uncertainties. One challenge is realigning the conventional view that the sector is almost always a workhorse for portfolio and direct investors.

This Company Puts New Spin on ‘Digital Nomad’

Royal Caribbean announced this week what could be the definitive travel experience: a nine-month around-the-world cruise. Given that the global economy has yet to rebound fully from the pandemic, we will give them credit for moxie. Images of the Diamond Princess floating in Yokohama harbor, unable to disembark some 3,700 passengers,

Theme Parks Benefit From Unexpected Investors

Tottering theme parks may find new life in corporate venture capital, largely for knowledge-transfer reasons. And while it may be too early to identify a trend, we are intrigued by the announcement that China’s Fuson Group will be buying a minority stake of the Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch park in Nagasaki, Japan.

Saudi Arabia Drills for ‘White Oil’

Tourism has never been a priority in Saudi Arabia, ostensibly because of visitors’ lack of sensitivity to local customs. Peripatetic businessmen are one thing; individual or group travelers wandering about the country are quite another. Better to focus government energies on Muslim arrivals at Jeddah, en route to Mecca and Medina.

China’s Middle Class Sours on Cruise Industry

The sky was the limit. According to the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association, the number of cruises from Chinese home ports grew from 28 in 2008 to 927 in 2016. As recently as May 2017, Bloomberg ran an article entitled, “Cruises Boom as Millions of Chinese Take to the Seas.” That outlook is now being re-written.