Japan Solves University Endowment Problem

The biggest university endowment in the world is Harvard at near $53 billion; the largest one in Japan is Osaka University with investible holdings at almost $4 billion. Other major universities in Japan, such as Waseda or Keio, run even smaller endowments. Surprisingly, the elite University of Tokyo manages only about $120 million in reserves.

Hollywood Pauses Russia

The international outcry over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been so great that the major Hollywood studios had little choice but to abandon the Russian market, at least temporarily. The race to the exit was started by Disney, with Warner Brothers, Sony, and Paramount following suit. Other media-related departures include

Oman Intensifies Commitment to Zanzibar

Zanzibar may not be top-of-mind as a business destination for most global investors. For the Oman Investment Fund, though, the island is now home to another pivotal infrastructure investment. We estimate that the value of a just-announced tourism-port project could reach $100 million, depending on scope, by the time it is completed over

Is Covid-19 Decimating Venture Capital?

Not really. But it does change the complexion of the industry materially. While the focus in the past may have been on financing portfolio companies that show the best growth prospects, the new reality is keeping portfolio companies alive long enough to be able to figure out which ones can pivot or excel amid the new economic backdrop.

Indian Elite Embrace Family Offices

What do billionaires in India do with their money? The question is more practical than quaint. They can wrestle with myriad financial advisors, plow funds back into their established businesses, or go it alone, investing on a best-efforts basis in selected deals. The fast-evolving option, at least in India, may be to start a family office.