Is Maritime Security a Growth Industry?

Maritime security has been transitioning from a fractionalized industry to a more rational business dominated by a handful of major players. Does this consolidation position the industry for better times ahead? Or is the industry likely to become a “utility” in which firms are centered on cost reduction in the absence of revenue growth?

How Should Investors Frame Kandy Riots?

Some analysts dismiss the ethnic attacks in Sri Lanka last week as a purely domestic affair. Globalists should be less cavalier. The tragedy is a sobering reflection on our collective failures; it also is a jarring reminder of headline-grabbing violence elsewhere in the developing world. The threats and emergencies that sprout

Bank Stocks Lure Investors to Colombia

The bombings in the northeast city of Barranquilla at the end of January are a savage reminder of the evolving political setting in Colombia. Despite the government’s signature agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, commonly called FARC, other terrorist groups continue to operate. In this most recent incident,