EU Points to Saudi Money-Laundering Issues

Brussels is having second thoughts about embracing Saudi Arabia’s stature on the global stage, at least as far as the Kingdom’s money laundering protocols are concerned. The European Commission is poised to announce a “black list” of non-compliant countries. Saudi Arabia is prominent on a 16-nation list, which includes countries like Panama and Libya.

Bitcoin Abets Terrorism. Maybe.

Zoobia Shahnaz is a name that you may read about again. In December 2017, she was arrested in New York on a string of terrorist-finance charges. The federal indictment clarifies that she purchased Bitcoin with fraudulently obtained credit cards, wiring the proceeds to ISIS-related groups in Pakistan. The case spotlights a hole in the global financial system

Tech Metals Ignite Mining Industry

There may not be enough tech metals worldwide to meet soaring demand. In most cases, mobile phones and solar panels are produced with lithium or indium. Other essential metals for tech-related industries include cobalt and lanthanum; the list is perplexing. The problem is that most of these resources do not trade freely in liquid markets.